Catamaran rally Team Spirit

Catamaran rally at sea - it is a great opportunity to experience what can only be achieved by a team and never individually.

Participants of the rally will hit a GPS marked distance through the Baltic Sea waves paddling professional nine-seater Zebec mountain river catamarans.

First of all you will get instructions about catamaran handling and safety in the sea. Then you will compete unpacking and building the catamarans together with other teams. Finally you will plunge your team into action hitting the Baltic sea waves and all paddle as one to come back as fast as possible.

For all day program we can offer you extreme crossing of Curonian Lagoon on these catamarans in any weather conditions. Your crew will hear a briefing about orientation in open waters, safety and dangers in the water and rescue techniques. You will get navigation equipment and will go under observation of a motor boat.

Nida or other spots in Lithuanian or Latvian beaches
2 hours
Min. 10 pax. Booking in advance is required.
65 Eur/pax, for groups more than 20 pax - 55 Eur/pax (w/o VAT)
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