Self guided canoe tour “Sand Dunes”

Take your canoe to discover one of the highest sand dunes in Eastern Europe where Sea Eagles fly.

Having left green shores of Nida you will pass by Parnidžio Dune (which covered Nida in the year of 1675). Later you will discover Grobšto Bay with Sailplaners' Dune (53 m) descending right into the water.

This picturesque dune is located in the territory of Grobšto nature sanctuary where walking ir forbidden, so it is best to approach and observe it from the water side.

In the middle of Grobštas bay one of the oldest Europe‘s frontier border stands. This frontier has not been altered since the year 1422, just the names of countries adjacent to it changed several times.

Nowadays this border separates Lithuania and Russia. It is forbidden to approach closer as 500 meters to yellow buoys in the water - bare it in mind!

Nida-Grobšto bay-Nida (4-6 km)
1-6 hours
Min. 2 participants
from 20 Eur per hour (three-seater canoe, PFD)
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