Land-sailing Blokarts

You are more than welcome to try land-sailing Blokarts which means fun, speed and racing!

Blokart is a small one-person land-yacht and one size fits all sailors from 8 to 108 years old.

No previous sailing experience is needed. Our qualified instructors will show you how simple is to handle a blokart.

After a few minutes you will be able to manoeuvre the Blokart by yourself and will chase the wind with a " Blokart grin" on your face!

You will sail on an unused asphalt airfield in Nida surrounded by pine trees from one side and Curonian lagoon from anther.

Come and experience the famous "Blokart grin"!

Nida aerodrome (100 eur/hour rental). Booking in advance needed.
Ask for more locations.
1-3 hours
7-8 knots of wind. Reservation in advance is needed.
from 50 Eur/hour
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