Ice-sailing adventure

During winter season (January-March) the Curonian Lagoon and other lakes in Lithuania and Latvia usually are covered with ice. Air temperatures can drop till -15 degrees Celcium, but normally vary around -3-5 degrees Celcium.

This is a perfect time for you to experience ice-sailing which will leave you breathless!

Our Ice-Blokarts ride on three skates and are very easy to handle. In no time you will be zipping around on the ice with no motor noise just wind blowing in your ears.

As it is extremely simple to handle ice-blokart this entertainment is also suitable for beginners in sailing of all age groups.

Curonian lagoon, Rėkyva lake, Kaunas lagoon, Elektrėnai lake and other sailable spots.
1-3 hours
Min. 10 cm thick ice, 3-4 m/s wind speed. Reservation in advance is needed.
from 55 Eur per hour
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