Kite building seminar

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kite seminar buildingDate: reservation in advance needed
Duration: 2 - 8 hours
Participants: min. 5, max. 100+ participants
Place: Curonian Spit, Palanga and others

If you are fond of wind and nature, kiting will show you how to be fond of it more. The participants of the event hear the history of kites, manufacture them from professional materials and decorate them together. When the kites are finished the colleges climb the sand dunes or a hill and let their art-works fly. In team building events a complex project can be organized e.g. company logo in the sky.
Kites can be chosen of different forms and sizes the biggest one being tall as a person and not that easy to handle in the sky.

Price: from 50 Eur/pp (Price includes: services of the instructor, all materials, cases for the kites, participants can take kites with them; 21% VAT excl.)


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