Interactive quest "GPS challenge: the legend of infoera"

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GPS quest infoeraNew in Lithuania!

Date: reservation in advance needed
Duration: 2 - 3,5 hrs
Participants: min. 10, max. 50+ participants
Place: Nida, Juodkrantė and the rest of Curonian Spit, also Palanga.

Knowing Curonian Spit inside out we have decided to introduce it to you anew. Using modern global positioning system equipment - Magellan GPS receivers - you will participate in quest of a hidden Queen of Prusia Luize treasure which had disappeared somewhere on the Post Road and will visit the most beautiful spots around. This interactive game stimulates the competition among teams at the same time encouraging cooperation and better communication among team members.

First, the participants are instructed on the rules of the game (approx. 5 min). Then, the team gets one GPS receiver and a map with spots on it. Using this equipment players go and find new tasks and prizes leading to the treasure. They also communicate with the old inhabitant of Curonian Spit who gives some very useful advice.
In Palanga the quest is held in duke Tiškevičius Palace Park. There participants are in a search of Amber Room copy, which had disappreared during Second World War.


10-14 participants: 17 Eur/per person

15-29 participants: 15 Eur/per person

30 or more participants: 13 Eur/per person

(Price includes: rent of gps receivers, instructions and maps of game, supervisor, 21% VAT excl.)

Note: one of the participants per team should have a cell phone.

Sprendimas: Beterflai; dizainas: punkline. Apgyvendinimas, nuoma Nida
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