Crew building “The Baltic winds”

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crew buildingDate: reservation in advance needed
Duration: 8- 10 hours
Participants: 6 - 20 participants
Place: Klaipėda, Baltic Sea

You want to give your staff a try and find out its professional and personal skills? The sailing challenge on a sail training ship "Brabander" in the Baltic Sea is a perfect activity for such a corporate day. It is a personnel development academy lead by experienced captains and instructors. Possible goals of a crew building seminar: development of leadership and tolerance, perfection of teamwork and problem solving, improving trust in each other, building up energy and motivation before intense working sessions.

At the outset sailing theory basics and safety rules are introduced. After the distribution of functions among participants the ship un-moors Klaipėda harbour.

crew buildingTo maneouvre the big ship participants must team up picking the right decisions and ensuring fluent communication as well as coordinated actions on board. It is not an easy task, especially when the wind and waves rise. After coming back ashore the crew gathers to analise its performance and to have an evening meal onboard.
After such a tuning-up academy colleges get more stimulation at work, gather more effectively for intense working sessions. Having returned back to office from a windy and wavy ship deck participants also get more creativity in problem solving and decision making.

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