About Us


The mission of IRKLAKOJIS (paddle&foot) is to let our travellers explore and get to know Lithuanian Nature, Culture and Customs in an active and environment-friendly way. 

On our multi-day tours, you will share experiences with a small group (maximum up to 12 people) of international travelers. This way of travelling often creates intense companionship and also minimizes any impact on the environment.

We observe the wildlife but we do not disturb it.

Each IRKLAKOJIS tour is accompanied by a trained local leader/guide who will provide you with information on the history, culture and the landscape of the places we visit.

On every IRKLAKOJIS multi-day tour you will have a possibility to discover Lithuanian folklore music and dances and also taste some of the typical specialities of the region.


-Your true guide to Lithuanian Nature, Culture and Customs


Sprendimas: Beterflai; dizainas: punkline. Apgyvendinimas, nuoma Nida
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