Wandertour „An der Sonnenaufgang"An exclusive tour at the sunrise

It is an exclusive tour for those, who want to experience the pulse of the Curonian Spit‘s nature. We will start walking at 5 o'clock, admiring the nature of the peninsula. We will walk along the Curonian Lagoon shores, observing the awoken birds, we will step in the forests, where elks, deers and wild boars hide. After having breakfast.. Mehr lesen...

Wandertour „Eumo Hügeln"Hiking in the forests of the Curonian Spit

This hiking tour is for those who admire the undisturbed nature. The tour starts in Juodkrantė, where the oldest forests of the Curonian Spit grow. We will hike in the Lapnugario landscape reserve (a so cold Foxes Wood), where the beautiful Eumo Hills are located. We will visit the legendary Love Valley.. Mehr lesen...

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