Kanutour „Grobštas“

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Route: Nida - Grobšto Bucht - Nida (4-6 km)

Tourdauer: 1 - 3 Std. (abhängig von die Route)

Touranfang: Montag-Samstag von 10 bis 21 Uhr. Reservierung ist nicht nötig.Picturesque landscapes are awaiting you on this tour

It is a short, but impressive tour to discover the unique and dinamic lanscapes of the Curonian Spit. Having left the green shore of Nida you will approach the Parnidžio Dune. Passing it you will discover the amazing Grobšto Bay, where you will see the big Sklandytojų (Sailplaners') Dune and the Grobšto Cape. This Dune is also called the White Dune and is seen only from the water side, because it is located in the territory of Grobšto nature reserve, where walking is forbidden.

Tourprice pro Dreiplätzigekanu: 11,59 Eur (40 Lt)/Std. [ohne MwSt 21%]. Im Preis enthalten: dreiplätzige Kanu, Rettungswesten.

Note: All our guests are pled for not to climb the Dunes and not to decsend them! One man walking on the face of a dune makes several tones of sand fall down to the water. Help us save the unique nature of the Curonian Spit!


Sprendimas: Beterflai; dizainas: punkline. Apgyvendinimas, nuoma Nida
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